Thursday, April 26, 2007

Prawns and oysters on the jetty

Australia's south coast is delightful. Far less commercialised and developed than the north coast, quiet little towns like Bateman's Bay dot the coast line.

Adam and Lauren's wedding was being held on the Saturday afternoon at Guerilla Bay, about 20kms south of Bateman's Bay, and we were all making our way down on the Thursday for an extended wedding weekend.

Following a big night out for the Hen's and Buck's nights in Canberra, we arrived at Bateman's Bay around lunch time, our minds turning to the most important of issues....FOOD!

We sat with our legs dangling off this pier - it was far sunnier than the picture indicates, althought the skies were ominous - scoffing a couple of kilos of prawns and a dozen oysters each. The ideal lunch on the run, I reckon!

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