Thursday, April 26, 2007

A peaceful garden in the centre of Sydney

It has been so long since I've wandered through the sites of Sydney, and it also made me reflect on how I took them for granted the entire time I lived in Sydney.

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is located right in the centre of Sydney, just near China Town and Tumblong Park, Darling Harbour.

It's hard to believe that somewhere so peacful can co-exist so happily with the hustle and bustle of the city that encompasses it.

Every twist and turn, every plant and statue seems to have a purpose, and to have been put there to create a particular type of energy.

According to the official site, "the Chinese garden also embodies the principles of the Taoist philosophy of yin (calmness) and yang (activity). When opposites work together, they create a balanced whole. Contemplate the harmonious scene created by a cascading waterfall tumbling into a serenely still pond, or the elegant contrast of tall dark bamboo planted alongside rounded, flat stones."

The attention to detail is exquisite...right down to the very cute little water dragons that scamper through the leaves.

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