Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Explore brochure available

Drool. Several emails this week alerted me to the fact that the 2007/2008 Explore brochure is out now and on its way to me in the post. I can't WAIT to browse through its pages.

New and interesting tours that instantly caught my attention included the 15-day part-train based journey through Moldova, Crimea & Kiev and the 8-day trip through Austria, Slovenia and Italy. I know pretty much nothing about Moldova, which makes me want to visit the place all the more. And any trip that involves hiking through the Julian Alps would be stunning...I'd say Spring would be a great time to do that tour, when it's not so hot.

My dream tours from the brochure are any of the expedition voyages, which truly do look like "trip of a lifetime" experiences. My dilemma is: one lifetime, so many trips of a lifetime to fit in. Hmm...methinks I need to start saving.

The 34-day Patagonia, Pacific Islands & Panama Canal sounds entirely awesome. I have wanted to see the Chilean glaciers and fjords ever since I saw my first glacier in Norway. The fact that the cruise mosies by Argentina and Peru is an added bonus.

My ultimate dream expedition, which isn't new to the 2007/2008 brochure, but one I've drooled over in previous brochures, is the 24-day Spirit of Shackleton cruise around the Falkland Islands and then down, down, down to the Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland Islands. My father has often warned me that the seas in that part of the world are horrific, but I think the experience of setting foot on Antarctica truly would be a "once in a lifetime experience" - and one of the things I'd like to do in my lifetime. *sigh*. One day.

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