Friday, December 14, 2007

A belated Turkey for Christmas

I've always found one of the best ways of beating the post-holiday blues is to ensure I have another holiday booked....and Turkey has been somewhere I've wanted to go for a long time!

So...this is the next big trip on the list after Morocco...a two-week birthday present to myself :-).

* This picture is courtesy of Explore UK.

Apparently I should be living in Tokyo

A funky little application in facebook called WhatCity suggests I should be living in Tokyo.

You plug in answers to a series of questions - sort of like a little personality test - and WhatCity returns the city that think most resembles your personality traits.

Here's what it says about why I should be living in Tokyo:
"Admit it - you love the taste of teriyaki bowls, sushi, tempura, and a side of wasabi. Salivating yet? Living in Tokyo lets you treat your tongue to new and exciting experiences. Have fun with all the new tools and gadgets, making your life easier in this technologically-advanced city."
Given my love of all things Japanese, this was hardly a revelation!

Show me the Souk!

I'm SO excited! Only a few sleeps to go before I head off on a two-week tour through Morocco.

I've previously spent one day in the Moroccan port town of Tangier, but two weeks of roaming round the imperial cities and out the Sahara desert will be something altogether unique.

I'm travelling once again with the good people at Explore. I liked the length of their tour, and that it covered all the imperial cities as well as the desert. Bring on the souks and the mint tea! The optional night's camping in a Bedouin tent in the Merzouga Sand Sea and the camel ride should be unforgettable.

The travel dossier warns me that it can get rather chilly out in them thar hills....freezing in fact...snowing in fact! Should be interesting.

I look forward to many blogs posts with amazing desert pics, and am most curious about what Christmas Day in Rabat will be like.

Whoohoo...not long to go!