Saturday, April 21, 2007

MariMari sicks their lawyers onto me

Discussions between myself and MariMari came to a head when they sicked someone purporting to be their lawyer onto me.

This woman told me to stop bullying her client and making threats to defame their company....hardly defamation when I'm merely talking about their complete incompetence in handling my booking and securing my privacy.

She said that Malaysia doesn't have the same sort of data protection laws as other countries, and that any claim I made against them would not stand...curious though that they felt substantially threatened enough to get the lawyers onto me.

If that's their idea of customer service, that's fine. A company that has practices as crude as that won't last in the real world. I'm making it a mission to tell everyone about these muppets.

As for the reunion with my folks, it was fab, and we gutsed solidly on chilli crab and satays as planned.

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