Saturday, June 17, 2006

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A new way to present travel pics
For anyone that loves photography and the digital revolution, is a brilliant site, and was a fantastic recommendation from one of my digital camera-toutin' mates. More...

London Fire Brigade Exhibition
I love photography, it's importance in the news, and the way it provides a permanent reminder of a particular scene.So the current exhibition at the Photographers' Gallery in London was a perfect way to spend an hour on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The London Fire Brigade Archive is a small exhibition at the gallery running until 17 September and features nearly 100 black and white images from the broader collection of some 300,000 images. More...

WIWT: Poignant Pics
This is definitely not a case of "Wish I Was There" (WIWT), but I took this photo in New York at one of the many tribute sites to the victims of September 11. Given the 1-year anniversary last week of the London bombings, and yesterday's terrorist attrocities in Mumbai, it seemed fitting to post a somewhat more poignant pic.

WIWT: Going ape in Gibraltar
Gibraltar's famous Barbary Apes scamper over the upper reaches of the massive Rock of Gibraltar. Legend has it that should the apes ever disappear, the British will leave Gibraltar. It's worth spending a couple of days in this extremely British outpost, although you'll get a better meal over the Spanish border (you have to cross Gibraltar airport's runway to get there!) at La Linea.

WIWT: Ice Caves on Fox Glacier, New Zealand
Fox Glacier's ice caves provided a stunning playground one winter's afternoon in July 2004. Flying up to the glacier by helicopter, we spent several hours hiking over the ice. Click here for details about New Zealand's glacier flights.

WIWT: Cable Beach - Broome, Australia
The first weekly WIWT (Wish I Was There) photo is of Broome's famous Cable Beach. I took this shot in July 2003, when a bunch of crazy mates and I set off in three 4WD's for a two-week outback adventure across North-Western Australia. Click here for more details about Broome and surrounds.

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