Monday, May 05, 2008

An almost sunny spring day in St James's Park

I happened to wander into St James's Park yesterday afternoon. The sun was almost shining and hundreds of people were sprawled out on the free deck chairs or on the grass as they do here in London when it's almost sunny. At least the temperature was mild and the rain held off.

The spring flowers were out in full bloom, despite a dump of snow just a few weeks ago. There's nothing like a good English garden, and the flowers in St James's Park yesterday were spectacular. Check out more pics at this album.

I wouldn't begin to know what varieties of plants and flowers I was madly taking photos of, but I took over about 250 pictures on the new EOS 400D and 55-250mm lens, in about an hour.

Tulips, one of the few varieties I was familiar with, abounded, in almost every colour imaginable. Beautiful!

The wildlife were also out "sunning" themselves - cute ducklings and even cuter squirrels, zipping frantically through the grass finding nuts, or simply just looking at them.

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